Ecowaste Landfill Tonnage Restriction and Rate Adjustment – Q4 2015


Ecowaste Industries Ltd. operates the Ecowaste Landfill under an Operational Certificate (OC) issued by the BC Ministry of Environment (MoE).  One of the conditions in the OC imposes an annual tonnage limit.

Construction and demolition (C&D) activity has been very brisk in 2015 and we are rapidly approaching our annual limit.  We have applied to the MoE for approval to exceed our annual limit and they have granted an approval for a 10% variance.  While this is helpful, this variance alone will not allow us to remain in compliance with our annual tonnage limit at the current inbound rate.

To that end we are taking two approaches to help us maintain our revised limit:

  1. Increasing pricing on material to the landfill by 15% on October 15, 2015
  2. Implementing a cap on inbound C&D materials for larger customers

Your business is important to us and we regret that we will be increasing our tipping fees on non-recycled products or capping inbound material to help us meet this limit.  We realize that this may cause you to look for other disposal options, however, we will not exceed the annual limit specified in our Operational Certificate.  The annual tonnage limit is tracked on a calendar year basis and is reset on January 1, 2016.

Our revised rates can be found on this web site under Our Services – Landfill Rates

If you have any questions on this change please feel free to contact us at (604) 276-9511 or at