Ecowaste Landfill will be maintaining pricing in 2017 at 2016 rates for most products.  The rate table below outlines the rates for the major product groups.

We are still working with the Ministry of Environment to complete the update to our annual tonnage increase request.  We hope to have this process completed in the early part of 2017.  In anticipation of this increase, while still not accepting construction and demolition refuse from out-of-region, we have eased the restriction for our larger in- region customers.  If you have any questions about tonnage limits or materials restrictions please contact us at (604) 276-9511.


November 1, 2016

The following are the commercial rates in effect at the Ecowaste Landfill for the products listed below effective January 1, 2017.  Prices are on a per tonne basis unless specifically noted.


Product Unit Rate (incl. GST)
Demolition Refuse $93.00
Construction Refuse $93.00
Mixed Roofing $94.50
Clean Asphalt Roofing $58.00
Treated Lumber $205.40
Insulation – Loose $369.12
Insulation – Rigid $400.29
Concrete – Dirty $54.27
Concrete Clean – Tandem Axle (per box) $49.50
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box) $170.50
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box) $275.00
Concrete Clean – End Dump (per box) $132.00
Concrete Light Rebar – End Dump (per box) $484.00
Concrete Heavy Rebar – End Dump (per box) $968.00
Concrete Clean – Tandem & Pup (per box) $99.01
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box) $341.00
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box) $550.00
Select Wood (minimum container 30 yd3) (not finalized) $60.00
Fire Damaged $205.40
Boats (per foot) $13.53
Trailers (per foot) $20.29


Volume Incentive Program (VIP)

Weight Range Discount %
250 to 500 tonnes 5%
501 to 1,000 tonnes 8%
1,001 tonnes and greater 12%

Please note conditions apply to the VIP discount.