Construction & Demolition Volume Restrictions in Effect July 1 2017


June 21, 2017

To our Valued Customers:


This is to inform you of volume restrictions on receipt of construction and demolition materials delivered to Ecowaste Landfill starting July 1, 2017.  Please note, these restrictions do not affect recycling materials like concrete, clean asphalt shingles, clean and select wood, yard waste, or to approved soils.

Our application to the Ministry of Environment to increase our annual permitted tonnage is still in progress and it appears we will not receive the requested increase in our annual permitted tonnage until later in 2017.  As you may be aware we relaxed the volume restrictions we had in place in 2016 at the beginning of 2017 and have not required restrictions to date this year.  However, in the last two months volumes have increased again and we are currently tracking at our annual limit.  In addition, the Vancouver Landfill is terminating their acceptance of ‘demo garbage’ effective July 15, 2017.  This action by the Vancouver Landfill is likely to add additional volume to Ecowaste, which will cause us to exceed our annual volume cap.

As such, we are placing restrictions on our largest customers, and capping all other customers to a maximum volume of 100 tonnes per month.  If your company has not already received an email indicating a specific monthly tonnage limit you will be restricted to the 100 tonne per month limit.

No increase in tipping fees is planned now but may be contemplated later in the year.

We appreciate your continued support of our business and look forward to continuing to provide you with an efficient service that supports the service you provide to your customers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (604) 276-1202.

Yours truly,


Tom Land

President & CEO

Ecowaste Industries Ltd.

Announcing Richmond Industrial Centre


Ecowaste Industries Ltd., and parent company Montrose Property Holdings Ltd., are pleased to announce the kick-off of the Richmond Industrial Centre,  a 170-acre master planned industrial park that will provide over to 2.8 million square feet of state-of-the-art industrial warehousing in Richmond, B.C.  The following link will take you to the dedicated web site that provides all the information on this exciting new facility.