About Us

Ecowaste Industries Ltd. has over 40 years of waste management experience.  From 1971 until 1986, Ecowaste operated a municipal solid waste landfill in the City of Richmond on 160 hectares of land owned by the Fraser River Harbour Commission (“FRHC”). As the land of the FRHC filled, Ecowaste purchased 160 hectares next to the FRHC site where the Company currently operates a landfill for construction, demolition and excavation materials.

Over the past 30 years Ecowaste has added various recycling operation to its construction, demolition and excavation landfill operation.  The recycling activities include conversion of yard waste into compost, clean wood into biofuels, and concrete into aggregate. These compost and aggregate products are either used for landfill closure activities, or sold commercially to the public or to custom soils manufacturers located on site.

Ecowaste has a number of tenants that provide treatment of contaminated soils through bioremediation, custom soils manufacturing, and biofuel blending and storage.  Soils manufactured from regional waste water treatment plants have been used to establish woodlots used for landfill leachate treatment.