Payment Changes and 2019 Rates


Effective January 2, 2019 Ecowaste will only be accepting debit cards, Visa and Mastercard for payment at the site.  Cash transactions will not be available as of this date.

Rate Changes – January 2 2019.

November 1, 2018

The following are the commercial rates in effect at the Ecowaste Landfill for the products listed below effective January 1, 2019.  Prices are on a per tonne basis unless specifically noted.

Product                                                                                              Unit Rate (incl. GST)
Demolition Refuse                                                                                  $103.50
Construction Refuse                                                                               $103.50
Demolition Refuse – Public Drop-Off Area                                      $122.50
Construction Refuse – Public Drop-Off Area                                   $122.50
Mixed Roofing                                                                                         $105.25
Mixed Roofing – Public Drop-Off Area                                              $134.75
Clean Asphalt Roofing                                                                           $82.75
Treated Lumber                                                                                      $218.00
Treated Lumber – Public Drop-Off Area                                           $227.00
Insulation – Loose                                                                                  $391.75
Insulation – Rigid                                                                                   $445.25
Concrete – Dirty                                                                                      $56.50
Concrete Clean – Tandem Axle (per box)                                          $54.50
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box)                               $187.75
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box)                             $302.50
Concrete Clean – End Dump (per box)                                              $145.25
Concrete Light Rebar – End Dump (per box)                                   $532.50
Concrete Heavy Rebar – End Dump (per box)                                 $1065.00
Concrete Clean – Tandem & Pup (per box)                                       $109.00
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box)                           $375.25
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box)                          $605.00
Select Wood (minimum container 30 yd3) (not finalized)            $63.75
Fire Damaged                                                                                           $228.50
Boats (per foot)                                                                                        $15.25
Trailers (per foot)                                                                                    $22.75
Fill Soils (residential)                                                                             $26.00



2018 Rates




November 1, 2017

The following are the commercial rates in effect at the Ecowaste Landfill for the products listed below effective January 1, 2018.  Prices are on a per tonne basis unless specifically noted.


Product Unit Rate (incl. GST)
Demolition Refuse $96.72
Construction Refuse $96.72
Demolition Refuse – Public Drop-Off Area $114.40
Construction Refuse – Public Drop-Off Area $114.40
Mixed Roofing $98.25
Mixed Roofing – Public Drop-Off Area (revised Dec 29) $126.00
Clean Asphalt Roofing (revised Dec 29) $77.32
Treated Lumber $213.62
Treated Lumber – Public Drop-Off Area $222.35
Insulation – Loose $383.88
Insulation – Rigid $416.30
Concrete – Dirty $56.45
Concrete Clean – Tandem Axle (per box) $54.46
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box) $187.55
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box) $302.49
Concrete Clean – End Dump (per box) $145.21
Concrete Light Rebar – End Dump (per box) $532.41
Concrete Heavy Rebar – End Dump (per box) $1064.79
Concrete Clean – Tandem & Pup (per box) $108.90
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box) $375.10
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box) $604.99
Select Wood (minimum container 30 yd3) (not finalized) $62.40
Fire Damaged $213.62
Boats (per foot) $14.06
Trailers (per foot) $21.10
Fill Soils (residential) $26.00


Ecowaste Landfill Increases Prices and Restricts Inbound C&D Tonnage


Starting May 1 2016 Ecowaste Landfill is restricting inbound Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials to remain within its annual capacity limits.  In addition, prices are increasing July 1 and the Volume Incentive Program (VIP) is being adjusted at that time as well.

Due to the unusually high volume of C&D materials arriving at the Ecowaste Landfill this year we forecast we will reach our annual limit in August.  To ensure the annual capacity is not reached before the end of 2016 disposal restrictions (caps) are being placed on our larger customers and new customers are not being accepted.  Effective June 1  and until further notice, Ecowaste will be closed on Sunday’s, and will only be receiving large commercial vehicles (i.e. demolition trailers and roll-off trucks) during regular business hours from Monday to Friday.   Please note the caps and volume restrictions do not apply towards soils or materials that are being recycled (clean and select wood, concrete, asphalt shingles, yard waste).

Prices are being adjusted July 1 to be closer to other market disposal rates for both large commercial customers as well as smaller residential and contract customers.  The new rates are increasing from $86.43 per tonne to $93.00 per tonne for large commercial customers, and the small contractor and residential rate is increasing from $96.43 per tonne to $110.00 per tonne.

In addition, for larger volume customers the VIP program is being adjusted as shown in the table below:

VIP Discount Levels
Current New
Range (tonnes) Discount Discount Range (tonnes)
120 – 360 5% 5% 250 – 500
360 – 600 8% 8% 500 – 1000
600 – 1200 12% 12% >1000 to cap
1200 – 1800 16% N/A
>1800 20% N/A

Ecowaste has made application to the Ministry of Environment for an increase in annual capacity, and other amendments to its Operational Certificate (OC) related to the long-term operation of the facility.  This is a complicated and lengthy process that may not conclude in 2016.  Therefore, it is important to take steps now to ensure the facility can remain open for the entire year.

The capacity restrictions will be in effect until such time as the Ministry approves the OC amendment.  Ecowaste reserves the right to make further adjustments to inbound caps and rates to ensure we remain in compliance with current limits.

If you have a large volume of material, or are bidding on demolition jobs, please contact us in advance to determine if we will be able to accommodate your project.

Landfill Reopening, Gypsum Acceptance and Rate Changes


Effective January 4, 2016 the Ecowaste Landfill will resume full operation.

At this time we are still assessing the requirements for acceptance of gypsum wallboard for recycling.  In the interim we will not be accepting this material until further notice.

We will be adjusting rates for some of our products effective February 1, 2016.  The list below provides the products and their new rates:

Product $/Tonne GST Total
Concrete $ 27.53 $1.38 $28.91
Concrete – clean Tandem (per box) $47.15 $2.36 $49.50
Concrete – light rebar Tandem (per box) $162.38 $8.12 $170.50
Concrete – heavy rebar Tandem (per box) $261.90 $13.10 $275.00
Concrete – clean End Dump (per box) $125.72 $ 6.29 $132.00
Concrete – light rebar End Dump (per box) $460.96 $23.05 $484.00
Concrete – heavy rebar End Dump (per box) $921.90 $ 46.10 $968.00
Concrete – clean Tandem & Pup $94.29 $4.71 $99.01
Concrete – light rebar Tandem & Pup $324.76 $16.24 $341.00
Concrete – heavy rebar Tandem & Pup $523.81 $26.19 $550.00
Clean Asphalt Roofing $48.48 $ 2.42 $50.90
Select Wood (min 30 cu. Yds) $ 47.77 $2.39 $50.16
Dry Fill (Industrial Grade or Better) $23.81 $1.19 $25.00
Fill Soil (IL-) $23.81 $1.19 $25.00
Fill Soil w/rubble $35.45 $1.77 $37.22
Fill Soil w/wood $82.31 $4.12 $86.43
Clean Green * $58.03 $2.90 $60.93
Boats $12.88 $0.64 $13.53
Trailers/Campers $19.32 $0.97 $20.29



Ecowaste Landfill Tonnage Restriction and Rate Adjustment – Q4 2015


Ecowaste Industries Ltd. operates the Ecowaste Landfill under an Operational Certificate (OC) issued by the BC Ministry of Environment (MoE).  One of the conditions in the OC imposes an annual tonnage limit.

Construction and demolition (C&D) activity has been very brisk in 2015 and we are rapidly approaching our annual limit.  We have applied to the MoE for approval to exceed our annual limit and they have granted an approval for a 10% variance.  While this is helpful, this variance alone will not allow us to remain in compliance with our annual tonnage limit at the current inbound rate.

To that end we are taking two approaches to help us maintain our revised limit:

  1. Increasing pricing on material to the landfill by 15% on October 15, 2015
  2. Implementing a cap on inbound C&D materials for larger customers

Your business is important to us and we regret that we will be increasing our tipping fees on non-recycled products or capping inbound material to help us meet this limit.  We realize that this may cause you to look for other disposal options, however, we will not exceed the annual limit specified in our Operational Certificate.  The annual tonnage limit is tracked on a calendar year basis and is reset on January 1, 2016.

Our revised rates can be found on this web site under Our Services – Landfill Rates

If you have any questions on this change please feel free to contact us at (604) 276-9511 or at



We are pleased to announce that effective January 20 2015 Ecowaste Industries Ltd. is accepting transaction payments by VISA, Mastercard, or Debit Card.  Cash will continue to be accepted for payment.

Please note:  These methods of payment can only be used at the facility at the time of the transaction and the card must be presented to the Scale Operator.  We will not accept phone authorization for transactions.  We also will not be accepting these payment methods to settle accounts.

If you have any questions on the use of this type of payment please contact the office at (604) 276-9511 or the Contact Us form in the About Us section.

New Landfill Rates for 2015


Ecowaste will be instituting new rates for most materials brought to the landfill as of January 1 2015. These rates will be posted on the Landfill Rates page.

The new rates are laid out in a letter here: