Landfill Rates

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2, 2019:  We will only be accepting debit cards, Mastercard and Visa for non-account payments.  Cash will no longer be accepted for payment at the site.

VIP indicates the Volume Incentive Plan is available for this item.

Please see our Vehicle Overweight Policy

We do not accept mattresses, couches or any furniture with springs, coils or wire supports.

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2016: Drywall or Gypsum will only be accepted from new construction or from buildings built after 1989. Drywall materials will only be accepted in full sheets (no cut offs) and a manufacturers date stamp must is present and clearly indicate it was manufactured after 1989.  Bagged drywall and cut off pieces will not be accepted.

We do not accept microwaves, toaster ovens or smaller appliances as they can be recycled.

Public Drop Off:Base RateGSTTotal
Construction, Demolition and Land Clearing Waste VIP (tonnes) - Minimum charge $25$116.67$5.83$122.50
Clean Green® - segregated loads only (tonnes) - Minimum charge $20$63.33$3.17$66.50
Clean Wood - segregated wood loads only (tonnes) - Minimum charge $20$74.44$3.72$78.16
Gypsum (max load size 5yd3) (tonnes) - Minimum charge $40$218.40$10.92$229.32
Concrete, clean or light rebar / mesh (tonnes) - Minimum charge $25$30.28$1.51$31.80
Concrete, dirty or with insulation (tonnes) - Minimum charge $25$53.81$2.69$56.50
Roofing Material (tonnes) - Minimum charge $25$128.33$6.42$134.75
Treated Lumber (tonnes) - Minimum charge $25$216.19$10.81$227.00
Appliances - Stoves, Dryers, Washing MachinesFree
Appliances - Fridges / Freezers / Air-Conditioners$9.52$0.48$10.00
Metals - cleanFree
Cardboard (Corrugated) - cleanFree

Please see Yard Waste Rates & Conditions prior to bringing materials to the site.

Construction & Demolition Waste (Commercial)Base RateGSTTotal
Construction Refuse VIP (tonnes) - Minimum charge $25$98.57$4.93$103.50
Demolition Refuse VIP (tonnes) - Minimum charge $25$98.57$4.93$103.50
Land Clearing Refuse VIP (tonnes) - Minimum charge $35$98.57$4.93$103.50
Concrete - clean Tandem Axle (per box)$51.90$2.60$54.50
Concrete - light rebar Tandem Axle (per box)$178.81$8.94$187.75
Concrete - heavy rebar Tandem Axle (per box)$288.10$14.40$302.50
Concrete - clean End Dump (per box)$138.33$6.92$145.25
Concrete - light rebar End Dump (per box)$507.14$25.36$532.50
Concrete - heavy rebar End Dump (per box)$1014.29$50.71$1065.00
Concrete - clean Tandem & Pup$103.81$5.19$109.00
Concrete - light rebar Tandem & Pup$357.38$17.87$375.25
Concrete - heavy rebar Tandem & Pup$576.19$28.81$605.00
Roofing MaterialsBase RateGSTTotal
Asphalt Roofing, Wood Roofing VIP (tonnes) - Min charge $25$100.24$5.01$105.25
Clean Asphalt Shingles (tonnes)$78.81$3.84$82.75
InsulationBase RateGSTTotal
Loose Insulation - Batt Insulation (tonnes) - Minimum charge $10$373.10$18.65$391.75
Rigid Insulation - Styrofoam (tonne) - Minimum charge $15$424.05$21.20$445.25
WoodBase RateGSTTotal
Select Wood (tonnes) - Minimum container size 30 yd3$59.43$2.97$62.40
Clean Wood (tonnes) - segregated clean wood only$74.44$3.72$78.16
Treated Lumber (including Creosote) VIP (tonne)$207.62$10.38$218.00
Fire Damaged VIP (tonnes)$217.61$10.88$228.50

Please see Select Wood Loads: Terms & Conditions for qualified materials.

For Fire Damaged materials, please see Burned / Fire Damaged Materials for important information prior to bringing materials to the site.

SoilsBase RateGSTTotal
Dry Fill - Industrial Grade or Better (tonnes) - Minimum charge $20$24.76$1.24$26.00
Fill Soil with rubble (tonnes) - Minimum charge $20$36.87$1.84$38.71
Boats & TrailersBase RateGSTTotal
Boats (per foot)$14.52$0.73$15.25
Trailers/Camper (per foot)$21.67$1.08$22.75