Burned/Fire-Damaged Materials

Acceptable Materials:

  • Burned wood
  • Burned buildings or structures

Unacceptable Materials:

  • Asbestos containing materials
  • Drywall in excess of 10% of the load

Ecowaste will accept fire damaged materials from structure fires. A period of at least 14 days must have passed between the date of the fire and delivery to the site.

A record of the fire from the Fire Department involved must be sent in advance or accompany the load. This report will be reviewed by the Scale Operator and the Superintendent or Foreman to confirm the 14 day time frame.

Burned buildings may contain incidental drywall that cannot be removed, but should not exceed 10% of the load.

A heat gun will be used to measure the temperature of the load prior to dumping to confirm the load is cool (i.e. at ambient temperature) and will be measured in its entirety again when the load has been discharged. If the heat gun indicates the load is above ambient temperature while the load is still in the truck the load is not to be discharged at the tipping face. If after the load has been tipped and hot spots are discovered the load will be reloaded (reloading fee will apply) and moved to a safe location on the site. Ambient temperature will be considered to be within 10° Celsius of the air temperature at time of measurement.

Additional storage fees will be charged if the load is above the ambient temperature at a rate of $200 per day (to a maximum of $1000 per load) until the load is cool enough to be incorporated into the landfill.

In the event the material must be moved from the site of the fire and delivered to a disposal facility before 14 days has passed after the fire, the material is to be placed in an area properly prepared to ensure the load will not create a fire risk to the landfill. Ecowaste will prepare a soil pad that will isolate the load from the landfill and the load(s) will be discharged at that location and monitored until the 14 day period has elapsed. An additional charge of $1,000 per load will be charged for this service.