Select Wood Loads

Materials that qualify for disposal as Select Wood:


  • Loads will be accepted directly from demolition sites only – transfer station loads will not be accepted.
  • Loads must contain at least 80% wood. Dimensional lumber is preferred and wood fines must be kept to a minimum.
  • Shake roofing is acceptable.
  • Plastics, carpet and soft materials must be less than 5% of the load.
  • Recyclable materials such as cardboard and metals will be accepted but it is recommended that they be removed prior to disposal.

Not Accepted

  • Gypsum drywall in loads.
  • Materials which are not permitted for disposal at Ecowaste including putrescibles, asbestos, household hazardous waste or special wastes.
  • Mattresses.
  • Treated lumber containing chemical preservatives, pentachlorophenols or creosote.
  • Concrete or brick.
  • Tar and gravel roofing.
  • Soil, turf or yard trimmings.

Ecowaste reserves the right to limit the volume of Select Wood it accepts.

Loads that contain any material in the Not Accepted category will be charged the Demolition Refuse rate, or reloaded (fees apply) if not acceptable at the facility.

Loads must be in containers 30 yards or larger.  Ecowaste’s ‘Volume Incentive Plan’ (VIP) does not apply to this material.

Ecowaste encourages the separation of materials at source.  Tear-off duroid shingles and concrete that are separated from wood loads at site and delivered separately to Ecowaste will receive preferential pricing to the Select Wood and Demolition Refuse rates.