Volume Incentive Plan

Ecowaste offers discounts for large volumes brought to the facility within one calendar month, referred to as our Volume Incentive Plan (VIP).


Weight Ranges Discount
250 to 500 tonnes 5%
501 to 1000 tonnes 8%
>1000 tonnes 12%

Discounts will be paid based on total weight per month as noted above.


The fine print:

  1. Discounts will be calculated per single customer account, and will apply only to loads generated by that customer. (Two or more customers may not combine loads to generate a discount).
  2. Discounts will apply to those loads identified on our rate sheet, where xanaxcost.com “VIP” is shown beside the description. Prices for specific materials or jobs not shown on our rate sheet will not be eligible for the VIP.
  3. The discount will show on the following month’s statement, if payment in full of the account is received on time (by the 27th day of the month) and the customer’s account is up to date.
  4. The program may be altered or cancelled at any time.

Call the office at (604) 276-9511 for further information on the VIP or requirements for customer accounts.