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The Ecowaste landfill accepts inert refuse, mainly from construction and demolition activities, and recycles a number of waste streams, including yard waste, clean wood, concrete/asphalt, and clean asphalt shingles.

There is a public drop off area for residential and smaller commercial vehicles. Larger commercial and industrial vehicles are sent directly to the landfill.  Please check the list of permitted materials and size restrictions.

For larger quantities of soil a Soil Disposal Checklist must be submitted to the office with supporting lab results and a soil authorization will be issued before waste soil will be accepted on site.  Small residential jobs (under 2 dump truck loads) are exempt from this process.  There are facilities onsite for the bioremediation of contaminated soil operated by other companies.

Custom soils manufactured from regional wastewater treatment plant bio-solids have been used to establish woodlots on the closed portion of the landfill.  Leachate generated at the site is used for irrigation of the woodlots, moving towards zero discharge from the landfill.

Rates for drop off are stated by the tonne or cubic yard and are broken into seven categories: Public …

The EcoWaste Landfill accepts three general classes of waste: inert construction and demolition waste …

Prior to delivering soil to the landfill, application must be made and approved by the office.

Definitions of commonly used terms.