Permitted Materials

Permitted wastes (partial list only):

  1. Non-putrescible municipal solid waste, including demolition waste, construction waste, excavation waste, land clearing debris, and residual materials from recycling facilities.  Typical acceptable materials include wood, plastic, non-corrugated cardboard, concrete (including concrete with reinforcement steel embedded into it), asphalt pavement, roofing material, rubber (other than from tires), boats (wooden or fibreglass), bricks, carpet, fibreglass, rigid and loose insulation, burnt wood, wood ash, glass, lumber, pallets, clean empty plastic pails, paper, ceramic tiles and used calking tubes.  PLEASE NOTE: Segregated loads of clean wood, concrete, brick, drywall, cardboard and metals will be recycled.
  2. Segregated loads of yard waste (“Clean Green®”) for composting.The following limitations apply to material for composting:  Acceptable – leaves, grass clippings, brush, branches up to 4″ø, plants, flowers, land clearing or tree pruning waste which has been hogged, chipped or ground.  Unacceptable – stumps, limbs over 4″ø, mill waste, cedar over 25% of load, plastic, metal, glass, paper bags, sod or turf, concrete, brick, rock, or dirt.
  3. Wastes for which specific authorization has been given by the Regional Manager, Ministry of Environment
  4. Excavation material and/or soil in small quantity (less that 20 cubic metres or 2 tandem axle dump truck boxes), greater quanitities must be pre-approved.  (See Soil Disposal). Generally, soils of residential or industrial quality based on the applicable numerical soil standards in the Contaminated Sites Regulation will be acceptable. Certain soils with contamination levels above the industrial level (“Waste Soil”) may be accepted on a case by case basis. See also Soil Bioremediation.

Note: Other restrictions may apply, for example, on size of materials. For further information on acceptable materials please contact our Scale at (604) 277-1410, the office at (604) 276-9511 or e-mail to


The following wastes are not permitted:

  1. Hazardous Waste as defined in the Hazardous Waste Regulation.
  2. Semisolid sludge, liquid waste or slurries. Wet Fill including Tanker Trucks.
  3. Automobiles or tires.
  4. Food wastes or other putrescible refuse.
  5. Dead animals.
  6. Bulk quantities of waste paper or newspaper.
  7. Gypsum board with tile or gypsum board in excess of 1% of any individual load (10% in the case of fire damaged materials). Gypsum removal prior to demolition is required.  Recycling facilities are provided on site.
  8. Excavation material and/or soil, unless in small quantity (less that 24 cubic metres) or pre-approved.  See permitted materials above.
  9. Asbestos or materials containing asbestos.
  10. Mattresses, couches or any furniture with springs, coils or wire supports.
  11. Barbed wire and fish netting.