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Ecowaste “2020 Pricing Changes”


The following are the commercial rates in effect at the Ecowaste Landfill effective January 1, 2020.  Prices are on a per tonne basis unless specifically noted.


ProductUnit Rate (plus GST)
Demolition Refuse$106.00
Construction Refuse$106.00
Demolition Refuse – Public Drop-Off Area$125.00
Construction Refuse – Public Drop-Off Area$125.00
Mixed Roofing$108.00
Mixed Roofing – Public Drop-Off Area$138.00
Clean Asphalt Roofing$81.00
Treated Lumber$212.00
Treated Lumber – Public Drop-Off Area$221.00
Insulation – Loose$400.00
Insulation – Rigid$454.00
Concrete Clean – Tandem Axle (per box)$53.00
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box)$183.00
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem Axle (per box)$294.00
Concrete Clean – End Dump (per box)$142.00
Concrete Light Rebar – End Dump (per box)$518.00
Concrete Heavy Rebar – End Dump (per box)$1035.00
Concrete Clean – Tandem & Pup (per box)$106.00
Concrete Light Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box)$365.00
Concrete Heavy Rebar – Tandem & Pup (per box)$588.00
Select Wood (minimum 95% wood, 30 yd3)$65.00
Clean Wood (pallets, dunnage, off cuts)$44.00
Fire Damaged$233.00
Boats (per foot)$16.00
Trailers (per foot)$24.00
Fill Soils (residential)$26.00
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