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Ecowaste Industries Ltd. (Ecowaste) is a Canadian-owned, privately-held company, with nearly 50 years of waste management experience and currently operates a 160-hectare landfill for the disposal and recycling of construction, demolition and excavation materials.

Ecowaste’s vision to optimize C&D waste diversion through advanced and innovative recycling technology aligns with the goals set out by both Provincial and regional leaders throughout British Columbia. Metro Vancouver has defined four strategic goals in their Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan, these goals are to:

• Minimize waste generation
• Maximize reuse, recycling and material recovery
• Recover energy from the waste stream after recycling
• Dispose of all remaining waste in landfill, after material recycling and energy recovery.

The British Columbia Provincial Government has demonstrated their ongoing support for the development of clean energy solutions in their 2018 Intention Paper, “A Clean Growth Program for Industry,” which outlines priorities in developing a long-term clean growth strategy to power our economy while reducing GHG (Green house gas) emissions. At Ecowaste, we are committed to this vision. The results of our efforts will divert waste, reduce GHG emissions, extend landfill life and produce a low-carbon fuel alternative. In addition, our new MRF will showcase technologies relatively new to North America, with the potential to become a centre for advanced, global research.

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